When Do you Need To Change A Treadmill Belt?

When do you need to Change a Treadmill belt?

So you buy a treadmill , everything works perfectly and you use it routinely 3-5 times a week . It's been a couple years and you may notice the treadmill isn't functioning the same . Some things to look for is the belt might feel slippery to the touch . The grip on the belt is worn away and this can cause you to slip , this would be a time you would want to invest in a new belt . You might also notice that the belt is showing fraying on the sides , like a shoe that has lost its grip on the sole this has become worn and can no longer grip . 

Like anything that is mechanical you need to service and take care of what you  have regularly. Have maintenance plan to ensure that treadmill will last you a long time . Also this service will help with replacing your treadmill belt . Some great Treadmills to look for is Life Fitness , Precor , Cybex, proform , horizon and nordic track . Treadmill belt pricing is usually $200-$500 a belt depending on if you go after market or OEM. A after market treadmill belt will be fine when replacing it  , but if you have the budget for it buy OEM . Either belt will have a manufacturer warranty if anything were to happen .

Make sure to lubricate your deck regularly and this helps with the life of your treadmill belt . We Highly recommend you get a certified technician to install your treadmill belt . Avoid costly mistakes by trying to do it yourself. Treadmills last a long time when properly maintenance. Gym Doctor Repair we have affordable maintenance plans just for you . Contact us anytime . 

We hope you get the best work out possible, Stay healthy and stay fit!

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