Refurbished Treadmills

You might wonder what a buying a refurbished treadmill means . Well it’s a bit of gray area by definition as many vendors use this term refurbished. I would say that most often defined as at least getting a fully detailed and clean treadmill . Cleaning under the motor cover and making sure the belt is properly tighten and alighted with the deck . All functionality with the treadmill should be operational . Some vendors will replace the belt when it gets to about 70% wear , and replace any noisy rollers . All these things are optional , so make sure to ask what you are getting with your treadmill . Gym Doctor Repair-we can replace all these problems for you and with a warranty as well . We can make sure that anything you purchase can always be fixed by us . Treadmills can last a very long time when properly maintained . We provide affordable service plans to ensure a long life for your treadmill . We have trained technicians that Diagnose and fix any problem that you might run into with your treadmill . We are based in Longwood , that is just outside Orlando Florida. We service all of central Florida and We would love to earn your business . If you need treadmill repair Orlando - call the Gym Doctor


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