Is It OK to store gym equipment outside?

Keeping Your Fitness Equipment Outside VS Inside

Knowing how to store your gym equipment will prolong the life of your unit

Finding a good place to put your fitness equipment can be challenging when you have a compact home . We highly recommend keeping your fitness equipment in a controlled climate and low humidity areas . Orlando, Florida weather is extremely humid , rust occurs very quickly with anything metal .

Keeping your fitness equipment by the pool can cause rust to happen as well . Electrical components can short out much faster then in a controlled climate . This can all lead to costly maintenance that could have been avoidable.

In a commercial setting , try to avoid keeping your equipment by the locker room or indoor pools as these are areas with a lot of humidity . With the all the active the members , be sure to at least maintain a constant temperature of 75 degrees to avoid high humidity from body heat . As always try and wipe down your equipment from body sweat after every use .

Have a quarterly maintenance plan and please call Gym Doctor Repair for all your maintenance needs.

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