How Often Does Your Gym Need Maintenance

Many times we wonder how to keep a proper gym maintenance on your equipment. These are a few tips on how to keep the equipment in the best shape and functionality. It is always recommended to follow daily, weekly and monthly maintenance routine on your equipment based on the information provided and recommended on the equipment’s manual.

Always keep your equipment clean. Encourage your gym members to clean the equipment after every use, sweat is a number one factor of corrosion on the equipment. As well it will help to not spread germs around. Also keep a daily maintenance with your staff for every closing time or every other hour to clean and disinfect the equipment to keep a clean and healthy gym.

Keep notes on the equipment that is used the most on your gym since these are the ones that will require more maintenance and are most likely the ones that will break down faster if not cared for properly. These you can make daily or weekly inspections to make sure they are working on optimum level. If you or your staff notices there is a cracks or cables showing, even worn out parts is always recommendable to contact a certified technician to look over the equipment, ensuring the equipment is receiving the proper maintenance.

đź“· Other tips that you can follow for a proper maintenance is to oil the equipment that has moving parts as it will help keep it moving smoothly. For some equipment, like treadmills and ellipticals that are self-lubricating is recommended for every month or every 3 month depending on their use to verify the reservoir is full. For treadmills is recommended depending on how much use it gets to have the deck flipped every 6 months to a year.

These are just some tips to keep your gym on optimum level. By always keeping a good maintenance schedule or scheduling a professional company to do preventive maintenance will ensure that your gym will always look and work great, retain members since the equipment will always be functioning, and it will save you money by preventing your equipment to breakdown avoiding costly repairs. For more information about gym equipment repair in Orlando- feel free to brows the other articles in our blog.


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