Does Treadmill Motor Size Matter

Treadmill motor size matter ?

When buying a treadmill , does motor size even matter ? If so then what is right for me . Well when looking at a treadmill , that is for home or commercial use . Check the size of the treadmill and the deck size , you want to make sure it fits your location as well as the stride length you will walking or running with .

The all important motor size , most treadmills pre dating 2010 have motor size up to 4HP but only a weight capacity of 300lbs. Treadmills now in 2018 have motor sizes of 4HP but with 500lb user capacity .Elevation system generates up to 1000 lbs of thrust and operated in compression for reliable operation. What you want to really look at is how you will be using the treadmill , will use it 3-5 times week , are you over 300lbs? If yes to both then I would suggest definitely buying a commercial treadmill from Life Fitness,Precor or Cybex . Check the user capacity weight and have a treadmill over 3HP. If the treadmill is primarily used for walking and you are under 200lbs then you can go with a smaller treadmill and buy a home model like Proform or Nordic Track. If the treadmill will be used up 8-10 hours day, like in a gym setting go with a commercial treadmill and have it serviced monthly or quarterly to ensure it will last a long time .

Maintenance plans are good to have as insurance whether its for home or commercial use . Do your research on whats best for you so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and get the best you can for your workouts . A good place to look is online reviews , youtube videos and also try out what they have at your local gym . Buying a treadmill is a investment for yourself and your health .

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